Nope: Feminism and Resistance in Pictures and Portraits by Torz Dallison


Feminism and resistance take center stage in the exhibition Nope: The Women’s March on Washington, Photography by Torz Dallison, currently on view at Diana Kane’s project space in Brooklyn.  Dallison’s photographs capture the vitality, human compassion, and strength of the millions of protestors who participated in the Women’s March on January 21, 2017.  On this historic day, an overwhelming sense of synchronicity and collective unrest unified the nation and the globe in the pursuit of a commitment to human rights and equality.  Dallison’s singular portraits and large-scale panoramas respond to a universal and incisive question: Why do we march?  Embodied among the strident interlocked figures, and the solitary heroines, we find a reservoir of tenacity, urgency, and activism.  Above all else, Dallison’s photographs seize the subtle yet critical directive of the Women’s March to assemble and resist with civility. 


Accompanying the installation is a beautiful catalogue for purchase, with an introduction by art historian Aliza Edelman, featuring over fifty images by Dallison.  Nope is Diana Kane’s second feminist project following the presentation of Portraits of Women: Icons and Feminists, and will be on view through May 17.  A closing party will be held at Diana Kane on Saturday, May 13, 5-8PM.  

Aliza Edelman, Ph.D.

Simply Summer Nature Walk by Torz Dallison


As we hit Fall and the leaves are turning and the temperatures are dropping with them, I'm thinking fondly back to a shoot I did for Naturally Curious Nature Walks as they ran their first course of Simply Summer Nature Collective.

Run by two passionate educators, Alicia Tait and Valerie Lockhart, this was a "un-camp" for kids to spend the whole day playing and exploring the little known areas of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. No themes, no classes, just kids doing what they do best by being out nature. 

There has been many studies and articles about the benefits of outdoor play from a physical and creative perspective to a health and social one too. I got to see all this and more during my morning with the collective and was amazed by this group of ten incredible explorers and what they discovered, built and shared with each other that day. It was such a pleasure to capture some of their many special moments.

To find out more about the camps and other nature walks Naturally Curious are planning visit