"Capturing the beauty of your everyday"


Two years ago I made the conscious decision to change the way I photographed my children. As I looked through our family albums we had so many sweet pictures and happy memories from special events and holidays, but I realised I wasn't capturing the essence of their childhood. I’d missed the importance of the day to day, the simple things and the broad range of emotions that make up family life. 

By documenting how my girls played and expressed themselves, their characteristics and body language, how they related with each other and their environment - I realised that was where the magic lay and what I wanted to show them as they looked back at their younger selves.

I'm now offering this service to other families, documenting your days with honesty and emotion. These photoshoots capture authentic family life, shot candidly capturing true moments of love, connection, beauty and - if anything like my family - a little chaos! Nothing is scripted or posed, without pressure or formal direction. It is you and your loved ones hanging out, sharing quality time whilst I am quietly in the background capturing your days story as it unfolds.

For information on prices or to book a family session please contact me on the form below. 

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